Ducts and fittings
Ducts and fittings are made according to ventilation and factory standards of galvanized, acid-resistant and stainless steel. The side surfaces of the fittings are strengthened by the transverse corrugation of the sheet. The sheets are joined with an overlap (Pitsburg lock type). Tightness class: A, B, C and D. Our ducts are made in accordance with European norms and standards. Sandwich-type insulated ducts and welded ducts of various sheet thicknesses.
Aluminum ducts and fittings
Aluminum ducts and fittings for special customer orders.
Roof hoods
We produce roof hoods insulated with Armaflex or wool, intake vents and lamella roof exhaust vents in round or rectangular version, made of galvanized sheet, with the option of painting in any RAL colour or V2A and V4A stainless steel. All products are manufactured according to the drawings and wishes of our customers.
Plenum boxes
Sanit Box plenum boxes are made of galvanized sheet, they are used to provide even air flow through ceiling diffusers (anemometres and grilles). Plenum boxes are produced in many variants depending on the customer’s needs and facility solutions, and so they are: Armaflex insulated, inside with a perforated sheet, with a central fixing beam, with dampers, with additional reinforcements with an angle bar, etc.
Circular or rectangular acoustic
Circular or rectangular acoustic silencers are designed to reduce noise in ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are suitable for connecting to the network of rectangular and round ducts. Rectangular silencers are made to any size according to the customer’s needs. The body as a standard ventilation duct with increased strength is made of galvanized sheets. The baffles are made of mineral or glass wool with sound-absorbing properties
Wall and end elements, air intake
Intake vents/wall exhaust vents are designed to be installed in ventilation openings or on the inlets and outlets of ventilation ducts. They are secured from the back with a galvanized mesh. We produce elements for specific orders and architectural needs.
Flexible Connectors
PVC coated polyester cloth flexible duct connectors are supplied as a female fitting. They can be used as a flexible coupler to make connections to fans and other equipment to minimise duct vibration.
Air Valves, Ceiling Diffusers, Grilles
A wide range of diffusers, grilles and anemometres. Round and rectangular. White and RAL colour at the customer’s request.

Galvanized and stainless steel spiral tubes, Flexible Ducting