Ventilation Refrigeration Air conditioning

Solutions for industry and construction

The Polish company Sanit Box from Bydgoszcz has been focused on 4 business segments since 2010, i.e. production and sale of ventilation systems, production and sale of steel structures, laser processing as well as distribution of technical insulation.

Our main purpose is to provide direct service to installation and contracting companies from the HVAC as well as industry and construction sector. On the basis of individual object orders, we deliver standard and non-standard products mainly to the market of such countries as: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Ireland as well as Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

The great experience of our staff, flexible and innovative operation as well as efficient internal organization allow us to meet the highest expectations of our customers and work reliably, professionally and quickly.

The products we provide are installed on all types of investments – from residential buildings to large public utility and industrial facilities. Our European customers appreciate the high quality of the delivered products, professional technical advice, commercial service extended with transport services as well as fast and reliable order fulfillment.

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